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For thousands of years in china, herbs have been used to treat many acute and chronic conditions. Herbal formulas are taken in the form of teas, powders, pills, tinctures, or syrups. Ingredients are primarily of plant origin, and may include roots, bark, seeds, flowers, and leaves.

Botanicals and herbal extracts for medicinal usage contain various types of bioactive compounds. Haiyan’s top priority is ensuring the safety of our herb’s products. Herbs and herbal extracts’ quality standards including: the herb’s appearance, color and grain, taste, odor, mesh size, density, solubility, the assay of active ingredients, loss on drying, residue on ignition, heavy metal, pesticide residue, microbiological analysis, identification for possible adulteration content, etc. In order to comply with that quality standard, Haiyan has a strict supplier audit to ensure that all the products are compliance-oriented regulations for manufacturing, purchasing, and quality control.

Haiyan focusing on the botanical extract. Combining with experts who are familiar with Chinese herbal medicine, we will bring you the most comprehensive 100% pure nature herbs ingredients, and application solutions for the pharmaceutical, healthy supplement, cosmetic industries, veterinary medicine and other industries.

Quality Control Of Botanical Ingredients

Testing to verify raw materials in botanical ingredients, medicinal herbs, herbal extracts, or natural products, and ensuring the finished products meet their label specifications are important steps to increase customer confidence in our brand.

To ensure our customer’s finished product formulation meets label claims, all of our raw materials will be tested before they were used in the finished blend. in addition to the batch records under our traceability system documents, Testing the raw material identities before out of our warehouse will help establish that the products being sold is a quality product.

  • Manufacturing processes affect the quality of herbal ingredients.
  • Manufacturers also must contend with the challenge that ingredients are sourced from diverse geographic locations.
  • HPLC is designed to quantify and not to qualify.
  • HPTLC can successfully confirm the presence of specific botanical ingredients in a finished product.

Finished Product Testing

Different types of identification methods, such as macroscopic, microscopic, organoleptic, thin-layer chromatography (TLC), high-pressure (HP) TLC, HP liquid chromatography (HPLC) and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, may be used to identify the genus, species and plant part. Each of these identity tests has advantages and limitations. In most cases, different methods must be combined to identify the plant species and plant part beyond a reasonable doubt. These tests include the following:

  • UV/HPLC/UPLC-MS-MS to measure key bioactive ingredients.
  • FFETTM (Fingerprint Full-Spectrum Extract Technology) to judge extract’s inherent quality
  • AAS/ICP-MS to test heavy metals.
  • GC-MS-MS to ensure safety by testing for the presence of pesticide residuals.
  • Microbiological assays to screen for E. coli, salmonella and various other possible bio-contaminants such as molds or yeasts

Ingredients Traceability

This system has a strict policy to ensuring the highest quality genuine raw materials warehousing, which guarantees consistent quality, and it is also have a documents control procedures to ensure proper products is shipped to meet your unique needs, and its accurate data enable us to provide the qualified products to our clients or promptly feedback to customers’ demand.

The below documents are involved:

  • Test HPLC, UV, GC, Titration and AA independently
  • Physical & Herbal ingredients test
  • Pesticides residue & Heavy metals test(As,Pb,Cd,Hg)
  • Solvents residue & Microbiologic test
  • Aflatoxin & PPSL test
  • PAHs & Organic ingredients test

With the responsible attitude towards the products, Haiyan provides 100% pure natural Botanical Extracts in terms of plant resource. Depends on the different application fields, all the herbal ingredients are produced by appropriate processes, which are fully suitable for extracting and preserving active ingredients.

Plant extracts is a kind of extraction and separation process through physical or chemistry in order to get the active ingredients of “Phyto chemical” derived from the herbs.

In order to maintain active ingredients’ comprehensive quality stability, all the extracting process is recorded & analyzed.

The active ingredients quality varies a lot based upon their variety, growing conditions, growth age, used party, preparation method, stock conditions, etc., it all affect the bioactive components in it. In order to ensure a consistent and stable extracts quality, it’s essential to analyses the extracting process.

  • Preservative-free
  • Natural solvents
  • Plant-origin carriers
  • No petroleum derivatives

Selected the herbs Raw Materials rich in active ingredients by various sample test to extract.
Priority to local manufactures next to the herb’s origin
Plants controls for quality and traceability

Supply Chain Capability

We have a professional team of botanical extracts, and we have abundant plant resources in China. We know the function, application and test method of each herb. Therefore, we can match the most suitable products for you quickly and offer the best price.

  • With over 3000 products ready stock ingredients, including botanical extracts, supplements and biochemical items.
  • The domestic stock can ensure that your delivery needs can be met at any time, and it can also ensure that the quality of the samples you get matches the final product you receive.
  • R&D and production of customized products by customers’ requirements.
  • Meet customers’ special requirements for water solubility, color and purity of products.

All of our ingredients are manufactured under certified factory, and it is under quality management beginning from plant seeds selection, cultivation, harvest, and manufacturer.


We highlight the following areas with respect to the application of the products we involved

Human health

  • We offer high quality raw ingredients for human health.
  • Our specialist product range includes botanical extracts, tinctures, essential oils and tablets/capsules.
  • Improving Sleep, Relieving Visual Fatigue, Weight Loss, Women’s And Men’s Health

Ingredients For The Food And Beverage Industry

  • We offer good quality specialty ingredients for food and beverage.
  • Our diverse range of herbs ingredients are used directly or as raw material in formulations.
  • Our oat milk powder can be used as dairy alternative at desired amount in coffee, tea, cocoa beverages and etc…
plant extract

Ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Our pharmaceutical & medical extracts range complies to the BP, Ph.Eur (EP) or USP.
  • Our diverse range of herbs ingredients are used directly or as raw material in formulations, e.g. herbal medicine and other off the counter medicines.
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients for the development of plant-based medications, as well as pure botanical molecules used as the source material to synthesise active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Veterinary Medicine

  • We offer good quality specialty ingredients for the animals.
  • Our diverse range of natural products are used directly or as raw material in formulations.
  • Ingredients and supplements for e.g., poultry, that improve animal health.

Cosmetic Ingredients

  • We offer good quality specialty ingredients for cosmetic market, our diverse range of raw products suitable for manufacturing of personal care products and cosmetics.
  • Our diverse range of natural products are used directly or as raw material in formulations.
  • Extracts obtained from licorice root extract, oat extract,rosemary extract,angelica extract, polygonum cuspidatum extract and other plant extracts that bacteriostatic & antipruritic,moisturizing & nourishing, anti allergy whitening,whitening & freckle removing, and antioxidant & anti-corrosion .

Some Of The Projects We Have Involved

  • Botanical extracts and sports supplements for men’s health supplements (Japan)
  • Botanical extracts and fruit powder used in medicine and health products (Russia)
  • Botanical extracts for health supplements (Mexico)
  • Lecithin, amino acids, and vitamins used in health products (New Zealand)
  • Fruit powder for beverages (Australia)
  • Fruit powder used in coffee beverages (United States)
  • Fruit powder and botanical extracts for health products (Israel)
  • Sports supplements and APIs for poultry farming (Taiwan)

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